An archive of my past web projects.  I've tried to maintain the functionality of these sites, but I have no plans to continue updating/developing them.

Discontinued Network Sites:

Years Active Site Description
2007 TomeTrader - A web start-up idea I had that unfortunately came too late.  It was meant to be a hybrid of Craigslist and, where students could search for textbooks available at their own campus, contact them through the site, agree on a price and meeting place, and then leave feedback when the transaction was complete.  About the time the site was starting to take shape, Facebook added their Marketplace app which achieved essentially the same task.  Though I had a number of features in mind which were not implemented in the Facebook version, I decided my chances of competing against the already gigantic Facebook userbase were slim to none.  The PHP/MySql user registration/login functionality provided the basis for my Photography Portfolio registration system, which was later made into a site-wide feature.
2002-2006 WebDesign - An online portfolio of my commercial web design work and pricing/contact information for prospective clients.
2002-2005 Personal - The first site I hosted at  The current (final) design was my attempt at making a really "slick" web layout.  Also one of my first sites to use PHP for including common formatting code.  The site contains random things I found interesting at the time, a function since replaced by my Piqued blog and various other content-specific sites accessible through the navigation bar above.
2003 Auctions - A very simple Perl CGI application I wrote which generated html auction descriptions for use on Ebay.  It wound up being used by a number of people, but I never got around to developing the site any further.  It's still functional, so feel free to keep using it!

Early Projects:
These were developed with the help of my friend Peter and were my first attempts at web development.

Years Active Site Description
2000-2001 4Christ - Replaced an earlier, long gone, site called "NPCGamers." Created by myself and Focused was entertainment reviews from a Christian perspective. This was our longest running attempt at a review site, which underwent several incarnations. Needless to say, we eventually gave up on the idea.
2000-2001 Ocsirf Records - A just-for-fun site we made to "promote" a couple compilation music albums we burned for personal use. We never sold them (that'd be illegal), but we had fun making labels and pretending they were a big deal. "Ocsirf" is the name of our hometown, spelled backwards.
2002 ECritique - Replaced 4Christ, had a "slick" new layout and a narrower focus. Abandoned soon after launch.